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Vacuum Packaging Systems
Vacuum Packaging Systems


There are many good reasons for vacuum packaging, and often several of them together are decisive.


Oxygen exclusion

A lot of ageing processes need oxygen (such as bacterial decay of foods, oxidation or corrosion of metals, etc). Excluding oxygen delays ageing processes and enables longer storage times.


Modified atmosphere

After evacuation, the packaging can be filled with gas or a mixture of gases optimally selected for the product in question. This can for example promote maturing, delay ageing, improve product appearance, etc.


Outward barrier

Hermetic sealing protects the product from ambient influences such as bacteria, moisture, etc.


Inward barrier

Hermetic sealing also prevents the escape of odour, gases or liquids.


Compact volume

Due to atmospheric pressure from outside, vacuum packaging compresses the product as far as possible, thus saving transport and storage space.


Firm positioning

Vacuum-packed products are held in place by the external pressure, and cannot be damaged by sliding, rubbing or scratching.