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Your product, perfectly packed

Your valuable products are securely and hygienically packaged in bags, trays or film under vacuum or modified atmosphere packaging (MAP).



The packaging preserves the shelf life, freshness and natural colour of meat products, from fresh meat to charcuterie, and at the same time prevents them from being tainted by other odours in the fridge.



The packaging extends the shelf life and freshness of freshly caught fish or smoked fillets and retains their natural colour. It also prevents the fish from being tainted by other odours in the fridge.. 



The packaging assists with the maturing process, from small cubes to large blocks. It protects the cheese from undesirable bacteria and from drying out, and also prevents it from being tainted by other odours in the fridge.


Fruit / Vegetables

The packaging protects fresh, field-grown lettuce or portions of fruit from bacteria and damage. This extends the shelf life and freshness, retains the natural colour and prevents the product being tainted by other odours in the fridge.


Bakery Products /Chocolate

From freshly baked bread to luxury chocolates – the packaging ensures that your products are optimally protected against damage. Shelf life and freshness are perfectly maintained.


Convenience Food

When it comes to packaging convenience foods, the sky's the limit. Your lovingly prepared dishes, soups, salads, sandwiches etc. retain their freshness, flavouring and natural colours. The packaging provides optimum protection from damage and prevents the products being tainted by other smells in the fridge.


Industrial Goods

Provides optimum protection from damage, contamination (dust), scratching and corrosion


Electronic Components

Protects parts from damage such as scratches and from electrostatic discharge (ESD), air humidity etc.


Medicinal Products

From surgical implements to pharmaceutical products, the packaging provides effective hygienic protection against contamination, bacteria and germs and maintains sterility.



Hygienically protects pet products, from chew bones and tasty treats to toys.


Raw/Whole Pet Foods
(biologically appropriate raw food)

Preserves the freshness and natural colour of fresh ingredients for your four-legged friends and protects them from other odours

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