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Our range of machines 

Vacuum machines for small and medium-size companies, laboratories and the restaurant trade. Small enough to fit anywhere – compact, yet powerful.


We supply a wide range of machines from small professional table-top models to large, high-speed, double-chamber machines.


Uncompromisingly practical. Compact, high-performance and versatile – combined with perfect functionality and hygiene.


MAP (modified atmosphere packaging) tray systems or vacuum skin packs – skintight vacuum packaging for high-value presentations. A range of machines to suit the most varied requirements.

Since the packs are formed directly from the roll of flexible film inside the machine, packaging material and logistics costs are particularly low. With multiple tooling and high cycle speeds, these machines are specifically designed for large production volumes.

The answer to your shrinkwrap packaging needs

Our primary concern is to meet the needs of our customers.

I would like advice

There are many good reasons for using vacuum packaging,
and often a combination of reasons is the deciding factor:


Exclusion of oxygen

Many ageing processes need oxygen (such as bacterial decay of foods, oxidation or corrosion of metals, etc). By removing the oxygen, we delay the ageing process and improve the product's shelf life.


Modified atmosphere

After evacuation, the packaging can be filled with gas or a mixture of gases optimally selected for the product in question. This can promote maturing, delay ageing, improve product appearance, etc.

Inward and outward barrier

Hermetic sealing protects the product from external influences such as bacteria, humidity etc. The hermetic seal also prevents the escape of odours, gases or liquids.

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